Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sex, Politics and a Gender War!

Writer’s note…I was originally going to link the ABC video display of the “Crush on Obama” video, but decided that I did not want to do anything to promote it. I refuse. I have intentionally not linked the sexy politics link because I do not want to use this statement to make it easy for clicking there either.

First of all, I want to extend my apologies to Barack Obama. Clearly the “crush on Obama” video is a degrading piece of garbage that further identifies America as not being worthy to call itself a civilized society. We already have enough “sex” associated with politics, but to use it to promote and to link the idea that only R& B, bootie shaking starlet, wanna be’s is the way to get elected is over the top. I do not know the totality of the whole video, nor do I know too much about the liberal movement behind, but I can assure you, I do not want to read it, I do not want to know too much about the approach to use sex as a lure. Being informed is not sexy, people, it is smart. What is pleasing to another person aesthetically is not always, “sexy”, actually for some the constant reference to sex is offensive!

I am ready to go away from the concept that “sex” sell. It also kills, and distorts and destroys when it is not used appropriately. I am embarrassed to consider myself as a Democrat, an open minded thinker when it comes to education, healthcare, economics, the government’s role, etc. At this point I am praying that if Hillary Clinton does not get in as the Presidential candidate that a republican wins strictly because I do not know if we can handle a strong liberal front right now. (Liberal thought is not always immoral pandering!)

Furthermore, this escapade, using a video to minimize, to attract, to defile, (what was the purpose, was it suppose to be funny, is it funny to see an overweight older gentleman hanging on a robust young woman?) the political process has made me more determined to see a woman in the White house. It is time to stop using T&A to sell.

I found it absolutely hilarious that the actually promotes a book on Feminism, is that a joke or what? At what point did feminism align itself with reducing women to nothing more that T&A? Or is the newest form of feminism equated to the “sex in the city” thong wearing version?

Isn’t it plausible for Obama to be elected because of experience, intellect, demeanor, conviction, character, do we have to align him so deeply with pop-culture, as in “Obamania?” Isn’t it enough that he is worldly, a Harvard Graduate? Do we need to display to the rest of the world Is that really and truly the only version of America that there is?

Can anyone else see this charade, found in using Hooter-style models to promote politics in the United States is demeaning, and potentially damaging to what we should be doing to encourage, promote and make equal women in this country?

I say one way to bring a positive focus on women is to elect a woman as presidential candidate. Every father that has a daughter should be thinking about the future of their daughter. Every mother that has a daughter should be promoting with a firm conviction and end to the use of women as mere sex objects?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Stop the Madness!

See what your gas guzzling SUV’s, extensive square footage homes and excessive need for driving everywhere has netted for the fifth wealthiest petrochemical producing hoarder has done! Then go fill up and say oh well, “so what’s another $4 a gallon anyway, it is all about me getting around! By the way, when you can no longer afford to keep the lights on, remember - there is always a car that can’t be driven parked on the street for you and your family to sleep in.

By the way, can someone tell me why in the world we think it is okay for a family of five or less to have a 5,000 square foot (or more) home? Can someone tell me why it is necessary to build a monstrosity of a home for three people to live in (look at the newest suburban homes)? Does anyone see how we have been manipulated into investing in the housing market, when did the debt to income ratio disappear? The person making $160,000 a year and buying homes in excess of $500,000 becomes everyone’s debt as recent history has shown us! The auto industry encouraging after years of warnings regarding gas guzzling cars to buy “luxury” is a scam, who is the biggest investors into the production of SUV’s? Excessive consumer spending which has glorified into pop culture excessive spending which only has made a few on the top super rich?

Does anyone understand that if we collectively gave up just one week of income, driving, spending, that we would shut down the powers that be to the point that we could literally bring areas of the economy to a screeching halt? If small business men and women would all collectively support a job walk off, if corporations that are seriously going “green” would give up the “green” for a week that they would once again regain the control that is necessary to stop the billion dollar madness? Take action, believe me neither, McCain, Clinton, or Obama can do anything if we do not demand it, and take control. Let us learn from the Sons of Liberty and take action into our own hands collectively. It was British control in 1776, now it is the Middle East that controls this, are we sadly becoming a colony of the Middle East, the East? “Stop now what’s that sound everybody look what’s going down”…that song is a strong battle cry!

Oh, and to all of you who have the gas guzzlers, the oversized homes, the over-run credit cards…just because you make enough money to pay the bill, that does not give you the right to use more than your share! It is called gluttony and greed!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Building bridges, or is it more like the bridge found in Billy Goat's Gruff?

So that is where all of our steel, initiative and infrastructure has gone! China is building bigger and better, gaining momentum from using steel from Russia, precious metals from Africa and using our greatest minds and initiative. Yay China, you are growing in leaps and bounds. Introducing an Oreo cookie that is not the same as the Ole American one, is it better? While we are removing those “precious” metals that Chinese toy manufacturers have accidentally slipped into our children’s toys, they are utilize mass quantities to build their infrastructure. Where did the Chinese Government come up with that much money to build the biggest bridge in the world? Haven’t governments all around the world worked to sustain the longest wall, and now is it possible that we have also built the largest bridge. What I want to know is that great bridge in China a bridge to democracy, a two-way bridge or a one-way bridge? Ask yourself that question. I am still confused by the relationship between democracy and communism? But the American way is based on relationships that are determined by who you are in bed with at any given moment.